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Outback Packs and Gear deliver quality Australian made products to a wide range of retail suppliers, organisation’s and private customers. With over 15 years of experience in the textile manufacturing industry combined with a personal history in mining, hunting & military tactics we design products that accomplish functionality and style, all to make your work or play effortless. We are committed to providing innovative and durable products for our valuable clients.

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▪ Custom-Made Orders
▪ Backpacks
▪ Pouches- Electrician, Bolt, Medic, Multi-tool & More
▪ PVC Mining Crib Bags
▪ PVC Tool Bags
▪ Tactical Gear & Accessories
▪ Dive Bags
▪ Chest Rigs

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Outback Packs and Gear, has the ability to sustainably supply retail outlets and large corporations while still managing one-off
custom designs. No order is too big or too small. Our friendly team listen to your needs, wants and requirements then use our
extensive knowledge to tailor a design to suit. At Outback Packs and Gear, we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and
within the client’s budget.

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Outback Packs and Gear are dedicated to producing high quality products from high quality materials,
that survive tough environments. These superior materials are sourced from a broad range of suppliers
worldwide, ensuring our products are of outstanding excellence.

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We are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship and offer a Lifetime Warranty on all products. If ever your product fails in workmanship
or materials, give us a shout and we will repair or replace the item – Free of Charge.

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