Custom Made Chest-Rig

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This is an example of a custom Chest-Rig we have made.

It Features:

-Hydration pouch on rear of chest-rigĀ (up to 3L bladder) with zippered pouch suitable for snacks and small items
-2x Velcro and Fastex buckle closing pouches which can hold 1x factory box large calibre(270, 30-06 etc) ammo or 2x boxes smaller calibre (222-308) ammo each
-Radio pouch
-GPS size pouch
-MOLLE side panels on the hips
-Webbing and elastic strips suited for bladder hose and radio mics
-2x 25mm choke strap off the back of the shoulder and another longer strap coming from the hips to hold game meat to the back for the carry out after a successful hunt
-Adjustable waist to suit most body sizes from small to robust

Additional options that can be added to these chest-rigs include:

Fluoro coloured material on shoulders for visibility
zip closed map pockets underneath the front mesh panels
Belt loops around base of chest rig
Custom size pouches
Extra pouches on bladder pouch
Molle strips
Adjustable shoulders for those with taller torsos

Available in: Olive Green, Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, ATACS FG, Tri-Colour Desert.

Australian Made

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Coyote Brown, Olive Green, Multicam, ATACS, Tri Desert, Kryptek, MARPAT, Black


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