Type 3 Backpack Custom Mods




Type 3 Backpack with Custom Mods


It measures: 40x25x20cm roughly 20L
Single large compartment
Hydration sleeve on back panel with central hose exit
MOLLE on front and side panels (fluoro orange was custom request for this pack)
Extra heavy duty grab handle on top of pack
Elastic and retainer slips on shoulder straps for hydration hose
2x compression straps on each side
Extra thick and soft back padding in the right spots
Paracord zipper pulls

Australian Made and designed

NOTE: All backpacks are made to order so please allow a 7-10 day wait between ordering and shipping

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Coyote Brown, Olive Green, Multicam, ATACS, Tri Desert, Kryptek, MARPAT, Black


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    Review from the customer:

    I was out in the bush fighting fires with the Bushies when my cheapy ebay sling pack gave up the ghost. I’ve used all sort of packs for firefighting, ebay packs, sling packs, more expensive day packs and nothing was really ideal. All had faults or failures, which was why I kept changing packs. Now the work we do up here is a bit diverse, remote stuff, work from the back of the truck, choppered into areas. I had some ideas based upon other firefighting packs on the market but I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted. Somewhere along the way I had to compromise. So I approach Outback Packs and Gear and outlined what I was after. Nothing fancy, a small daypack, 40cm x 25cm x 18cm which should be around 18 litres. Small enough so it don’t become a hassle but large enough so I can carry what I need for each incident and still be comfortable. Quite a few messages back and forth, exchange of ideas and a drawing later and the end product arrived today.
    My old sling pack, it was OK but I couldn’t load anything extra into it like water or spare gear. It basically held the essentials.

    What OPG came up with is fantastic. I was happy with the coyote brown for the base colour, it doesn’t get too hot but I needed something bright on the pack as well so it stands out in the bush. I asked if I could have a bright orange colour molle webbing? No problem said OPG. I know it’s not everyone cup of tea but it is there for a purpose.

    The harness was based on one from OPG’s Type 2 pack but with a few clips removed to make it more simple. No waist belt either, on a pack this small I don’t need one and this pack is short and designed to ride up higher so the strap would not sit around my waist anyway. The back padding is excellent. I loaded up 10 kgs in this little pack and walked a couple of km’s today in the heat and it is by far the most comfortable daypack I have ever had.

    I was really after a single storage space with capacity for a hydration system and molle all round. Basically a storage tub.

    I wanted side compression straps too. Not only for compressing the pack when but also for securing a load. The molle on the side is just because. If I need it, it is there.

    Outback Packs also put some extra clips and the like on the shoulder straps for the hydration bite piece. I use this side to mount the hand mic.

    I am very impressed with how this pack turned out. Very impressed. I have owned various brand name packs over the years, Deuters, 5.11, Condor, and Outback Packs and Gear’s pack exceeds them all in quality by a long shot.
    I got exactly what I wanted without having to compromise on anything. I now have a quality pack purpose built for my use, for a specific purpose.

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